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 Southern Wild Camping - "primitive camping without fee at an unestablished backcountry site off-trail while recreating lawfully utilizing self-sustaining equipment & leaving no trace ."

I'm Scott J. Owens, a GIS Analyst, and I've taken my passion for Forestry, Geospatial Mapping, Land Ethics & Outdoor Recreation to create my brand - WILD CAMP SOUTH - home to the "Wild Camp Report."  From learning to locate Southern Wild Campsites in National Forests to Consulting for Outdoor Site Suitability, Online Web Mapping, and much more, Wild Camp South has an outdoor-related service for everyone.

In 2021, outdoor recreation contributed $454 billion (1.9%) to the nation’s gross domestic product (GDP). This is more than twice the size of motor vehicle manufacturing and air transportation, three times the size of oil and gas development, and nearly three-and-a-half times the size of performing arts.

Need guidance getting set up for Wild Camping? Do you have an Outdoors-related Project in mind? Or would you like to connect with Outdoor Recreationists in general? Let's Do this!

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